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Eyeling Custom Lens (1 month)

Eyeling Custom Lens (1 month)

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Design your perfect colored lenses.

NEW! We made it possible to order those lenses with pupil opening!

By popular demand, you can order brown lenses almost black with 90% of darkness (select Ultra).

Our lenses DIA (diameter) is 14.2mm and you can select bigger colored area (iris size, default 11.5mm) and add a prescription if needed. Manufacturing time ca 2-4 weeks.

If you choose prescription, + lenses will come with BC 8.8. Minus lenses are available in either 8.6(default) or 8.9. 

NB! Custom lenses are non-refundable!


  • Contains: 2 soft contact lenses
  • Replacement: 30 or 180 days
  • BC: 8.6
  • DIA: 14.2 mm
  • Water: 55%
  • Material: Ocufilcon D
  • UV protection: Yes
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