Most Natural Colored Lenses

Eyeling - the perfect solution for light-eyed people who want to change their eye color naturally. Our lenses are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by preserving your unique iris structure while adding a new or deeper tone.

Our luxury colored contact lenses are handcrafted in a top-notch Swedish laboratory using high-quality CE certified materials for a comfortable and safe wear. With our unique no-pupil-opening design and UV protection, you can enjoy a natural and stunning look.

Eyeling story

After 13 years in the colored contact lens industry, we've learned from customer feedback that individuals with lighter eyes often found traditional colored lenses unconvincingly artificial. Their primary concern was the visibility of their natural eye color in the middle of the lens, which compromised the authenticity of the desired look. Driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, we sought a groundbreaking solution.

This pursuit led to the development of Eyeling lenses, a pioneering product designed with a unique no-pupil-hole feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of answers to frequently asked questions, offering insights and information about Eyeling colored contact lenses and related topics.

Yes, we do!

Yes, our lenses possess the European Union CE certificate, and the materials used are FDA approved.

Unfortunately, the light brown lenses are designed to enhance light-colored eyes and may not have a noticeable effect on dark brown eyes; in some cases, they might even accentuate the existing dark hue.

Absolutely, we offer Toric lenses specifically designed to cater to individuals with astigmatism. You can find them available here: Eyeling Toric Colored Lenses for Astigmatism

Our lenses reflect a commitment to quality and care. Handcrafted in Sweden, they feature a distinctive no-pupil opening design for an incredibly natural effect. With UV protection, CE-certified premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, their value is a reflection of the care put into every detail, ensuring both safety and an unparalleled, lifelike appearance.

Yes, you can. Imagine you're sitting in a car with tinted windows. From the inside, you can see out clearly, but it's challenging for people outside to see in. This is similar to wearing sunglasses - others may not be able to see your eyes, but your vision remains almost unaffected. The same principle applies to colored contact lenses that don't have a pupil hole. While others might have difficulty seeing your natural eye color, your ability to see remains unobstructed, although the overall brightness might be slightly reduced, similar to wearing sunglasses.

Yes, you can order them as custom lenses here: