Eyeling story

With experience selling colored contact lenses for over 13 years, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers. While many people loved the vibrant and expressive colors of the lenses we sold, some were unhappy with the appearance of their eyes when wearing them.

A common complaint, especially with light-eyed people, was that the lenses looked fake because the wearer's own eye color was visible in the middle, making the overall effect less natural. As a company that values customer satisfaction, we knew that we needed to find a solution to this problem.

That's when the idea for Eyeling lenses was born. Our team of designers and opticians set out to create a lens that would eliminate the visibility of the wearer's own eye color, while still maintaining a natural and comfortable fit. After much research and testing, we found that the no-pupil-hole design gave us consistently the most natural results. 

Today, Eyeling is proud to offer a range of colored contact lenses that are not only vibrant and expressive, but also look and feel natural. With the unique no-pupil-hole feature, our lenses allow you to express yourself fully without revealing your own eye color in the middle. We are confident that our lenses will help our customers feel confident and beautiful, no matter what look they are trying to achieve.

But it's not just about the aesthetic appeal of our lenses. We also prioritize the comfort and health of your eyes. That's why we use high-quality materials with UV protection and adhere to strict manufacturing processes in our Swedish laboratory to ensure that our lenses are safe and comfortable to wear.