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Eyeling Green

Eyeling Green

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NB! Only for blue or grey eyes! 

Are you sick of wearing colored contacts that show your own eye color in the middle?


  • No Pupil Opening Design - your own eye color will not be visible.
  • UV protection - protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Handmade in Sweden - comfortable and safe to wear (CE certificate)

Introducing Eyeling Green colored contact lenses, the extraordinary contacts that completely transform your eye color without any trace of your natural shade showing through.

Imagine the confidence and style you'll feel with beautiful green eyes that are all your own. These lenses are perfect for special occasions, cosplay, or just adding a new twist to your everyday look.

Don't settle for ordinary colored contacts. Try Eyeling Green colored contact lenses and stand out with a truly amazing, natural-looking transformation.

NB! These are monthly lenses with daily wear, so you need to buy a contact lens solution with a container where you can hold them overnight.

NBB! Only for blue or grey eyes! Does not work with light hazel or brown eyes.


  • Unique feature: No-pupil-hole design
  • Contains: 2 soft contact lenses
  • Replacement: 30 or 180 days
  • BC: 8.6
  • DIA: 14.2 mm
  • Water: 55% or 38%
  • Material: Ocufilcon D or Polymacon 38 % Hema
  • UV protection: Yes
  • Power: 0.00 (healthy eyes)
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